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Sentimental symbols made with treasures of our planet.

Jewelry made in 925 Sterling Silver and 14 karat, 18 karat and 22 karat gold with certified Madagascar gems by Wennick Lefèvre.

Only in sapphires from Madagascar you can find all colors of the rainbow, hence the name of our collection in honor of this land full of Wonders.

Our gems are natural, they are not treated and we know the history of each one of them.

Since I was little I was attracted to drawing and painting. When studying architecture, I was drawn to the design process, which results in a perfect balance between function and form. I decided to study my specialty of interior and architectural design in harmony with the environment in the city of Buenos Aires. While there I was attracted to the fashion design courses, my dad encouraged me to enroll and I finished studying fashion business management and took a design course.


I returned to El Salvador in 2011, I saw the lack of popular knowledge of the topic "Fashion" and I decided to transform my blog from that moment when I was talking about history, to one that focused on "Fashion."


Years later, my desire to create was still in me and I designed a collection of earrings, seeing that they were very well accepted, I decided to create my own brand, Astrid Molina.


Emilia is a Salvadoran designer based in Panama City since 2015.

Her love for jewelry was born from a young age with her grandmother as a reference.

Its main purpose is to tell stories through its designs, that is why its motto is "Jewels with History".

All her pieces are designed by her and manufactured in Turkey with top quality raw materials where pearls, swarovski and 24K gold-plated 925 silver are the protagonists.

Epifania Gallery is a timeless brand, represented in pieces with the exclusivity of its techniques, designs and materials.

Each of our creations are statement pieces that seek to highlight luxury in details, delicate shapes, outstanding designs and artisan techniques.

IBIZA PASSION nació en 2010 buscando cubrir la necesidad de una joyería de alta calidad combinada con un gran diseño y precios asequibles para cualquier mujer.

Somos una marca de joyería personalizada de alta gama con muchos diseños patentados y registrados.

Diseñamos pensando en una mujer contemporánea que abraza la feminidad y lo adapta a su día a día con elegancia.

IBIZA PASSION es: Diseño, Estilo, Calidad y Propósito.

Lemon Handmade is a jewelry and accessories brand created in 2012 with the illusion of making different and special pieces that delicately highlight the beauty of women.

Each jewel is carefully handcrafted (with a lot of love!), Using quality materials such as crystals, semi precious stones, and pearls; combining silver with gold bath.

Handmade Jewelry from other brands that complement our stock. 

Mangle is a signature jewelry brand from Venezuela. Its pieces and collections pay tribute to nature and the biodiversity of the Paradisiac Caribbean.

Mariale Villamizar is a Venezuelan goldsmith designer.

She started in 2010 with his brand as she found his passion in goldsmithing.

Mariale Villamizar is a brand that is aimed at authentic, real and unique women. For her, each jewel is a tribute to the natural and authentic beauty of women, that feminine and independent force that expresses itself, that accepts itself vulnerable and loves itself.

When creating her pieces, she is inspired by things, dreams, experiences, places, it is enough to observe and put the mind in creation mode so that new ideas appear but above all her main motivation Eva, her daughter.

NO DIPLOMA was born from the crave of our founder and self taught creative director Georges Pauline Don to design and craft statement jewelry at an affordable price, without compromising quality, ethics and uniqueness, where she brinds her fun, playful South of France Spirit into her designs.

Strong believer in slow fashion and man's made work, the atelier minimise the intervention of machine and outsourced materials.

All our pieces are handcrafted in our atelier based in Panama City, Panama, by herself, with a lot care and of love. They are individually painted, designed, sculpted, baked, sanded, poured or cured by hand for you to wear as long as possible!


Panamanian actress and blogger Maria Pretelt always had a curiosity for design and a passion for fashion. She has a Bachelor in International Business and since young she knew she never wanted to respond to anyone. So she became her own boss.

After 2 years in the business with MLPIECES jewelry, the brand has gone through a major change. It is now ZIGGY & THE STONES and it has expanded to jackets.

Our mission is to make you look and feel cool, confident and powerful in order to achieve whatever is that you want; always taking into consideration our planet. 

Whether is jewelry or clothes, ZIGGY & THE STONES is created for #AConsciousRebel. Rebel by birth, conscious by choice. The person who fights for what’s right even if he/she has to break the rules on the way. We promote freedom of expression.

ZIGGY & THE STONES Collections are alluring, rebellious, energy charged, outspoken and conscious #ziggyandthestones