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Macarena Boutique is an online store in Panama based in the David City, Rep. Of Panama. This is founded in 2016 with the purpose to distribute designer jewelry in the province of Chiriquí.

Currently Macarena Boutique has more than 10 brands of signature jewelry designers. We maintain five (5) of these brands exclusively in the region, which has allowed us to expand sales throughout Latin America.

Our main objective is to innovate and offer an exclusive selection of the best pieces by Latin American and Panamanian designers that allows women to feel confident and connected with the designer's DNA.

Risky, elegant, minimalist and with a modern vision describes what you can find in Macarena Boutique. Thinking about the different styles of each woman.


In 2017 Macarena Jewelry was born, the Macarena Boutique design line inspired by the simplest elements to create fresh and contemporary pieces.